Flat 95% Discount On Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps

Grab Flat 95% Discount On Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps. Learn and practice advanced topics in Ansible including Roles, Jinja2, Lookups, Filter. Learn to develop custom modules. Apply given coupon code at checkout to avail an extra 95% discount. Offer Valid For Limited Period Only.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop Ansible Playbooks for advanced use cases
  • Learn about Ansible’s execution flow using Strategies
  • Learn how to handle errors during playbook execution
  • Learn about retrieving data from external sources using Lookups.
  • Use Ansible Vault for securing critical information
  • Understand and develop templating using Jinja2
  • Develop custom modules, filters and plugins
  • Develop and re-use custom Roles
  • Follow Ansible best practices during playbook development
  • Share work with Ansible Community using Ansible Galaxy
  • Use Dynamic Inventory in playbooks
  • Gain a good hands-on experience in developing playbooks

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